About Artist

Misty Hope Bourque

Misty Hope Bourque is a Louisiana-based artist who draws most of her inspiration from the rich culture and heritage of Acadiana. Born and raised in Southern, Louisiana, Misty has always drawn inspiration from her surrounding landscapes. Her passion and creativity started at a very young age. Her first competition in which she took first place was at the Pecan Festival in Colfax, Louisiana at 6 years old. Through high school she was very involved in the Youth Art Council of America in which she won 2nd place for a black and white side profile of a classmate. Majoring in Visual arts and minoring in Graphic Design while enrolled in the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, one of her logos was published in the Graph-is New Talent Design Annual publication book. She also created posters for local bands including New Orleans very own blues and Jazz musician Dr. John. Her Acadiana-inspired art captures the spirit of the bayous, the vibrancy of Zydeco music, and the mouth-watering flavors of Cajun and Creole cuisine.

Misty’s art is characterized by the unique use of texture, colors and playful imagery. Her work is a celebration of the cultural diversity and resilience of the Acadiana region, and a testament to its enduring influence on Louisiana and beyond. Whether you’re a native of Acadiana or simply drawn to its vibrant spirit, Misty’s art offers a unique window into the heart and soul of this fascinating region. Though Misty currently resides in Katy Texas with Her Husband and daughter, her South Louisiana roots are ever present in her pieces. Drawing new inspiration from Texas she is excited to show her work at August & Ivy, A Unique Boutique on Avenue D in Downtown Katy, Texas.

Texture refers to the physical surface of an object or material. It can be smooth, rough, bumpy, or any number of other variations. Texture can be seen and felt, and it adds depth and interest to a design. Pattern, on the other hand, refers to a repeating design element. It can be made up of shapes, colors, lines, or other visual elements.